Finding the Right Company Secretary for My Business

I knew nothing of company secretarial services in Singapore other than the fact that I needed to find out as much as I could about them. My company had been legally in operation for about a month, though we were using this time to still get things set up so we could legally make a go of this. One of the things I knew I needed was a company secretary, so I went online to see what information I needed for this. I had no idea how to find one, but it did not take me long to change that.

There is a company called VentureHaven, and they tackle all kinds of services for new companies as well as existing companies. I knew that I would more than likely be interested in other services in the future, but right then, I needed to see what they offer as far as company secretaries are concerned. I knew that a company only has half a year of being in business to have a company secretary on board, so I didn’t want to waste another day in not having one. What I really liked about this website is that they explained what they will do as a company secretary too.

I knew a bit about their duties, but I had no idea that they do all that they do. For example, this service can help me with drafting a resolution, counseling me on various business issues, helping me incorporate other companies in the future if I go that route, filing all sorts of paperwork, and just making sure that everything is in order. I knew that I wanted them on my team, which is why they now provide the secretary services that I need to stay in compliance with all the laws and regulations that are in force here in Singapore.